"Sensitive to the song", "Solid pocket player", "Tasteful fills and great dynamics" and "A joy to work with" are some of the comments made by producers, engineers and professional musicians about Jake Klimchuk (AKA JJ King), now 25 years old, who has been drumming in the WNY music scene since he was ten. He has played and recorded with bands and musicians from a wide spectrum of genres including Rock, Metal, Jazz, Big Band, Country, Ska, Classic Rock, Theatrical Pop, Classical and more. Jake has been recognized as the "Go To" drummer, by local musicians, for fill in gigs and Studio Work. He has spent just over a year in San Jose, CA touring and performing with: Fire & Flesh on a 2 week West Coast tour, Among the Torrent, Alchemia, WinterSorrow, and Anisoptera all over the Bay Area. He then returned to Western NY to tour with WNY Metal Band Skinbound and Hard Rock band Breaking Solace. He is now filling in with SteelHorse Classic Rock Cover band while their current drummer is recovering from a bout with cancer. Please say a prayer for Brian Best! Some of JJ's major influences include drummers like John Bonham, Arejay Hale, Mike Portnoy, Gene Hoglan, Mike Mangini, Morgan Rose, Sean Kinney, Bill Ward, Ben Gordon, Tommy Lee, Thomas Lang, and more! He is constantly trying to learn and evolve as a player by finding new influences and always honing his abilities. Also, JJ is proud to announce that he has endorsements with Los Cabos Drumsticks and Saluda cymbals!

National/Touring bands JJ's Current band "Breaking Solace" and other various bands he has played with, have opened for:

-Geoff Tate (formerly of Queensryche)

-Red Sun Rising

-Texas Hippie Coalition

-Kobra And The Lotus

-Buck Cherry


-Alien Ant Farm


-Puddle Of Mud


-Eyes Set To Kill




-Rest, Repose

-Davey Suicide


-Hanzel Und Gretyl

-Fearless Vampire Killers

-The Relapse Symphony

-Close to Home

-Year of the Locust

-William Control


-Beauty in The Suffering

  JJ King is now accepting new students. A few spots have opened up for beginners through advanced students, covering all aspects of drumming from site reading to drum kit flexibility. Whether you are auditioning for your schools All-State or County bands, or preparing for your upcoming tour, JJ can give you a whole new perspective on your preparations!
  Please email him at jjking@drummerjake.com for availability and pricing. 

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Upcoming shows with JJ King

Nothing More - "Don't Stop" - Drum Cover - JJ King

Parkway Drive - "Prey" - Drum Cover - JJ King

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